If your lips

Taught me anything

It’s that something

That tastes so sweet


Be trusted.


About Greg Moss

25 year old English and Media Graduate based in Manchester, UK. Contact me at: literatureandlethargy@gmail.com
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7 Responses to Flavour

  1. Nezra's Opiate says:

    Good Piece. Short, but it says to much.


  2. jsmalls1974 says:

    You write excellent poems. Have you ever tried substituting action verbs for linking verbs. It gives a poem much more of a punch? Jessica

    *A Horrible Truth (Example of action verbs. You are a good poet. I’m just trying to help. If you don’t want help, let me know so I just read your poetry for its intrinsic value.)*

    I met Ben, my fiancé’s cousin, at a funeral.

    Then I saw Ben again— at his *own* funeral.

    It took one glance, and an introduction to

    understand the depths of self the young Master

    Sergeant accessed to convey a Warrior stance.

    This warrior stepped upon an IED. What in the

    Hell did Ben initially think? God, country, family,

    self? Courage and valor hovered over the scene.

    A scene so horrifying it became disassociated

    into party confetti. Perhaps, if I never cared

    to show my respects, and stayed home to

    write. Dread— I wrote a darker poem than

    Ben’s body gaining space, stars, planets and

    other creatures. God provided a fork in the

    road, to Frost’s satisfaction. Ben ran like hell

    through life, because he trained himself to

    follow his own example. He strove to excel always.

    “As the world continues to revolve around me,”

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  3. keithakenel says:

    Thanks for liking “Spoiled Child” this morning (a.m. here in the USA.) I read four of your short poems and enjoyed all but especially this one. (Sick of me as the other three were far more optimistic!)


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