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Afternoon guys. I get a weekday off now instead of a Saturday, which is rubbish. However it gives me more time for writing so I guess thats a bonus. I’m thinking about submitting my work for consideration to poetry magazines. Anyone recommend any good ones?


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25 year old English and Media Graduate based in Manchester, UK. Contact me at:
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  1. Dhanu Randi says:

    I don’t have my Saturday or Sunday off which I hate, but I have settled for a day off on my Tuesdays. I’d rather have my weekend off. Oh, well.


  2. I’m a new reader so I haven’t read through all your stuff, but my top three favs are:
    Sympathy, Not empathy.
    Haiku 7
    Not easy to choose actually. Enjoy your day off and good luck with submissions!

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  3. sarahbuzzkill says:

    i would suggest looking into poets & writers, they have tons of resources, not sure where you’re located or if there’s an alternative, if you’re overseas…i recently submitted an entire book of poetry and short fictions to a publisher based off information i found there. as well as some local places (chicago) to read aloud and attend seminars. good luck!


  4. winterangela says:

    Love some of the poetry that I’ve read so far. Have you tried self publishing? I hear Amazon is pretty good. I’m looking into it myself. Good luck!


    • Greg Moss says:

      I’ve given it some serious thought, but I don’t think I’ve got the time or skill it would take to invest in self promotion on that scale right now.


  5. ffireengine says:

    Popshot, Structo, Kumquat


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