You were my first

And I’m still amazed

That you came before me


I saw you first

On the bus one day

You weren’t ready for lust


You told people

That I was your first

But I know I was not


I came so fast

And you still haven’t

Forgot that I did


Your culture made

You feel like a whore

I’m glad you ignored them


I only did

What I did to you

To make him feel jealous


I always knew

That you were the one

It’s a shame we waited


At fifteen years

You would be perfect

But I was twenty then


I thought you’d be

A good substitute

But you were not the same


I still don’t know

What your surname is

But you made me feel free


I used to think

Of you when I came

But it wasn’t the same


I was too drunk

To realise it was you

And not your twin sister


To be honest

You’re not even worth

A proper description


You helped me through

A difficult time

I’ll always be grateful


You taught me how

To make a girl howl

I can still hear yours


I’m glad you’re back

So I can be who

I really am again


About Greg Moss

25 year old English and Media Graduate based in Manchester, UK. Contact me at:
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