Misspent Youth

I remember being fifteen.

Even though,

There’s a lot I’ve seen

In the last decade or so.


There was nothing much that made sense,

Not at all.

Small things seemed intense,

And I always felt so small.


There are memories that time hides,

Locks away,

Offense on all sides

But those problems weren’t to stay.


I remember being fifteen,

And I know,

From the things I’ve seen

I’m glad that was long ago.


About Greg Moss

25 year old English and Media Graduate based in Manchester, UK. Contact me at: literatureandlethargy@gmail.com
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4 Responses to Misspent Youth

  1. Amen. I’ve observed some pretty horrendous actions.


  2. chely5150 says:

    Some people say the wish they could go back to those days. Not me unless I can know what I know now, otherwise No thanks – I’ll just keep looking forward.


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