Red Head

Your red hair

Was the first thing

That I noticed

Then it was your chest

That your hair

Hung so deceptively above

I can’t lie

You drew me in

Made my blood pump

Harder than it had

For a while

And it awoke desire within

Please allow

Me to have you

I know it’s sad

And it’s desperate

But I want

To see what you look like naked

I’m all out

Of fake romance

I just want to

Make you scream my name

Sod pretence

Let me engage with your nude flesh


About Greg Moss

25 year old English and Media Graduate based in Manchester, UK. Contact me at:
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5 Responses to Red Head

  1. Even in all the straightforward sexuality, it’s still sweet in simple truth. Nice piece.


  2. Elan Mudrow says:

    I like your writing! I’ll check back from time to time.
    check out:


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