You’re in my hallway
As you often were
You used to come and see me
Skirt hitched up so I could
See the top of your suspenders
And you always looked so good
In those heels
That much I can remember

It’s different now
Blood drips from under
The tie you begged me to use
To restrict your vision
But why would I look at your eyes
When I could look lower down
At the mess
I have made between your legs

My chains hold you up
Just like you once asked
Before you left me alone
Because I wouldn’t fuck your
Whilst I strangled you with my belt
I did it this time though sweetheart
And you purr
And ask me to start again


About Greg Moss

25 year old English and Media Graduate based in Manchester, UK. Contact me at:
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10 Responses to Limits

  1. jlcraig280 says:

    Very interesting and dark seduction.


  2. This brings me dark joy in a Brett Easton Ellis-ish, Thomas Harris-ish kind of way. Before I saw this, I noticed your Disclaimer post and felt the need to keep scrolling and find out what potentially disturbing writing you might have been referring to. I was not disappointed.


  3. Heartafire says:

    interesting and intriguing writing!


  4. dougstuber says:

    Nice work.

    Edo Palace Mix

    Takae, so simple, fluttering on the wind of vegetarian
    existence, refusing to eat up more than her share,
    presenting herself a second time, but finding no taker,
    is less than joyous, yet remains so gentle. Two swans
    glide, bobbing for minnows, mated for life, fed by ample
    moat, seen by hundreds each day. Mostly Takae yearns
    to be the swan on the right, head held up, pet of the palace.
    Instead, like the sour gooseberry picker, Chekhov’s Nikolay,
    she labors at city hall. Better, like the clerk job Kafka had, or
    Poe’s daily grind, Takae, so full of wonder, but now resentment
    too, as youth slips into middle age with no permanent necker,
    glider, lover to snuggle with. Yellow petunias with purple eyes
    stretch open to us, and I think that Takae will see this exact
    pattern and find comfort having spent a day in Chiba
    with friends that will, over time, form a second base.
    A dream fulfilled erases previous disappointment. How to
    meld dreams into the closeness that supports? Elephant ear
    plants glisten under gray. Bamboo rustles, imperial reminder
    that one generation can be the foundation of new style, culture,
    love, beauty, art, strength, ethics, for centuries to come.


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