She sings
In a whisper
Her tongue
Inside her mouth
And her lips
Suppress the sounds
That filter
Into my ears
Centre me
Feels like home
I can sleep
I can dream


About Greg Moss

25 year old English and Media Graduate based in Manchester, UK. Contact me at:
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7 Responses to Goodnight

  1. thatbillguy says:

    I can’t say that I’m a poet or a fan of poetry, reason being is that spark to visualize what’s going on doesn’t come to me like when I read a novel or short story. That said, I did enjoy this. The style mimics how I draft stories; short sentences flipping back-and-forth between action, feeling and scene. I don’t mean that in a derogatory way by comparing it to my first drafts. I’m saying that it bridged a gap that helped me enjoy a creative media that I normally find boring.

    So great work! Keep it up!


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