Stephen King


Is comfortably my favourite author. He may not be the most intellectually stimulating, but boy can he write a page turner. Hoping to finish this one off later today.

If you fancy it, let me know who your favourite author is. I might even check some out.


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18 Responses to Stephen King

  1. Watched a biography on King recently. He’s had an interesting life. Can’t imagine being able to write like he does. I just finished Laura Hillenbrand’s Unbroken about Louis Zamperini. Read it in two days completely captivated.


  2. unrelentingmayhem says:

    I’d recommend Dan Brown and Steig Larsson. Their books are addictive thrillers that keep me up all night.


  3. Henry Game says:

    Dan Brown will kill your mind. Stay away from it. You may as well just watch a film. Try Neil Gaiman, The ocean at the end of the lane. It is fantastic.


    • Greg Moss says:

      Neil Gaimans one I’ve always had a slight curiosity over.


      • Henry Game says:

        Gaiman is awesome. Stay away from American Gods though if I were you. I read most of it. T’was shit and absurdly far fetched. Nothing worse, is there?
        Anywho, keep reading, mining, building and then shitting on your own lawn.


  4. Amber Danette says:

    My favourite Stephen King book was; ‘Cell’ I was hooked.


  5. Matthias says:

    Dean Koontz.
    If you like sci-fi Philip K Dick.
    Chuck Palahniuk
    Ted Dekker


  6. sourgirlohio says:

    Stephen King is awesome.

    My favorite is J.D. Salinger. You’ll love it or you won’t. But you can get through his entire collection of published works in a very short period of time:)


  7. Fia Essen says:

    Tanamera by Noel Barber. I don’t know how many times I’ve read that book. I lost count. Reading it feels like coming home. Having said that, I should probably tell you that I used to live in Singapore. And I had no idea how much I would miss it until I left. In any case, if you haven’t read Tanamera yet, it’s worth a try.


  8. Joy says:

    I quite like Stephen King as well, but my favorite book of all time is by Robert R. McCammon called Swan Song. Similar to The Stand, but much better in my opinion!


  9. geekkat says:

    I like Steven King as well but Dean Koontz is really good one. Can’t put his down either.


  10. chris hibbard says:

    Kurt Vonnegut’s way up on my list.


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