We’re the lucky ones?

With our degrees

Worth as much

As the paper they’re printed on

We need experience to get a job

But without a job

How are we meant to get experience?

You destroyed stability

Now we’re shackled

By your financial debt

Regardless of our ability

Wars are run from a shelf

We have no distractions

And are trained to find the flaws

That lie in ourselves

We must scar our arms

And bleed out

On your furniture

Before you notice our alarms

Fuck you for leaving us this

Destined to rebuild your mess

And deal with how spoilt you are

When you’re too old to control your piss


About Greg Moss

25 year old English and Media Graduate based in Manchester, UK. Contact me at: literatureandlethargy@gmail.com
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3 Responses to Ungrateful?

  1. Love this! I can relate to it. Our economy is terrible and even though it’s harder now to get jobs, some people just expect that if we have degrees, we can easily find jobs.

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  2. petescribes says:

    Too true – I like a good angry poem and you made me laugh


  3. I can relate have a daughter 1yr younger with so much paper and well educated and 1yr later still no job .We have a very crooked government an hardly any real kiwis left they have all left nz.I since so will she too.Chin up.


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