“Let me in and I could
Run my hand up your skirt
Pull your hair
And choke you
Let me in and I could

Turn the smallest things

Into poetry

About you

Let me in

But love me first

Love my mind

And I’ll love you

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Shapes of Peach

I dream of you now

Stilted, shapes of peach and red flow through my mind.

I know I had you

But that was such a long time ago now that

I am not sure

It was real

She has red hair too

But it is too bright and doesn’t shine like yours.

I think I like her

Though it could just be that when I see her face

It is you I see

In her place

Her moans are not yours

The ecstasy I give her is not the same

I get my release

It isn’t the same thing as when I’m with you,

Was with you.

She’s a replacement

But that is all I can have now you’re gone

I know I love you

Or at least the memory of who you were

Before you left me

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If I were to take

Every kiss

Every touch

Every fuck

And add them all up

Would I have the sum of its parts?

Or is it something I’ve just made up?

No one before

Left me wanting more

Then you came along

Singing your song

And threw my heart on the floor.

That’s where it sits

There to this day

Every ounce of my blood

Is pumping away

But I don’t think you’ve noticed

You’re much too level for that,

My eyes are fixed just on you,

And yours just on my cat

I wish I had the power

To show you how I feel

But you girl are an enigma,

I’m not even sure that you’re real.

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When I get at home at night

It’s you that I’m looking for,

If something wasn’t right

I’d be straight out the door

But with you that’s no issue,

It’s you I adore

You tell me not to miss you,

Yet leave me wanting more.

There’s no one quite like you

I long for your kiss

Every day feels new,

That I insist.

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The Breakfast Club

Whisky is a funny friend

It provides you with a companion

But burns your throat, and your wallet

Vodka is a funny friend

It takes away all of your pain,

But you wake up, alone again.

Gin is a funny friend

It can make you the belle of the ball

But then you realise this song isn’t about you, afterall.

Wine is a funny friend

It imparts on you unforeseen intellect

But it doesn’t bother to tell you when you’re about to be sick

Beer is a funny friend

It allows you to socialise

But you get home and know, you’re not one of the guys.

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Young lovers lie under the stars

And tell each other how beautiful they are

Weary men come home from work to a beer

And say they find heaven in a glass, in a bar

Lonely people eventually find a partner,

But that feeling doesn’t compare to a freshly bought car

I want to take the stars

And use them to wipe my ass

Take all the alcohol

And drink it way too fast

Open the fuel cap on every car,

And throw a lit match into gas.

People can keep their fantasies,

All I want is you next to me.

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The Problem With Drinking

You tell me how you used to drink in bars all day

They tell me how their Dads, staggered home from the pub

Every day without fail, and beat you and your mother

All their wages went on liquor and booze,

They couldn’t afford to spend any time with you

Or you with yourself

Days spent in bars, dollars and pounds adding up

Women you thought were cheap

When you were only cheapening yourself

They make for beautiful stories, but they have no moral purpose

I can barely afford ten bottles of wine a month

Nevermind one or two a day

It makes you wonder what sort of a world we live in

When you have to be appallingly rich

Just to have a drinking problem.

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Tabby Cat

An old grey tabby nudges my shin

And tells me he has a tale to tell

I go down to his level

Look into his eyes

And tell him it’d be swell

He was once a young cat

The king of the streets

He’d catch the eye,

And brighten the day

Of every cat that he’d meet.

But he figured that would be forever

No one did let him know

He would one day be old and grey

With no cat to spend his time

And all he’d feel is low.

‘Don’t do as I did’

He looked at me and said

Then he let out a final purr,

And rolled onto his side,

My new friend was dead.

I often think of that cat

And the lesson he gave,

He was an arrogant little thing,

Beautiful as he was.

I am not anyone’s to save.

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Kennels on the street

Where we can all go and meet

Cigarette in mouth

How things have gone south

Round us up and pen us in

Punish us as though it’s a sin

To fight for our rights

And not going to bed at night

Pull out our hearts

We’ll bleed, but never start

To let you and your fucks win

Our rebellion is yet to begin

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Do you like my display?

I enjoy it’s layout

And especially the way

You can never find your way out

There’s the queen of old

I was never really one

For doing as I was told

I am so glad that she’s gone

It’s all of the highest quality

Even the golden god

He had not time for frivolity

He was always a boring sod

They’re all here now

Those who controlled us

I want you to forget how

They’d teach us what we could discuss

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